The Pros And Cons Of Used Auto Parts

Auto repairs can be expensive. Between the actual labor and parts, you could easily eat up your repair budget. To save money, some are turning to used or rebuilt parts. Although this can save money in some cases, is it always the best for your car? Used Car Parts Pros Obviously, one of the best advantages of using old or rebuilt parts is you can save money. Whether you pick up your parts from a junkyard or rely on your auto repair pro to find them for you, you could easily save on major repairs. [Read More]

DIY Dent Repair: Think Twice Before Doing It Yourself

You come out of the grocery store and find that the car that was parked next to you and was hugging the line a little too close did, in fact, hit your car. While you can wish all you want that you had chosen another parking spot, no amount of wishing can take away the dent. The damage has been done and the only thing you can do now is repair it. [Read More]

Preparing Your Car For Long Term Storage

If you find yourself in a situation where you won't be needing a vehicle for a long time, you need to understand your options for protecting that vehicle. One of the most important of these is long term car storage. If you're headed off on a long trip or merely have an extra vehicle that you need to protect, a storage service can benefit you greatly. Below, you'll find some tips for preparing your car for long term storage. [Read More]

Stay Safe And Stay On The Road - Knowing When To Seek Brake Maintenance

Modern society is largely centered around the freedom and possibility provided by the open road. That freedom is not without its responsibilities; indeed, knowing when you need to seek maintenance on your car is a hugely important part of car ownership. Your brakes are among your car's most important and vulnerable parts, and you need to be aware of how to keep them in top shape. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the signs you should watch for that may indicate your brakes are need of repair. [Read More]