Pros And Cons Of A Dual-Clutch Transmission

Dual-clutch transmissions have been used in racing for a long time. Recently, this type of transmission has been used in regular cars because it combines the convenience of an automatic with the speed of a stick shift, just without the clutch pedal.  There are several advantages and disadvantages to having a dual-clutch transmission in your vehicle. What is a Dual-Clutch Transmission? A dual-clutch transmission is different than a manual because it has two clutches instead of one. [Read More]

Safety Tips For Your First Trailer Tow

Learning how to tow a trailer can take some time. You likely already know that you'll need to drive at a slower rate and brake faster in order to have a safe experience when hauling a trailer behind you. There's no shame in hiring a professional towing company if you feel like the haul is more than you can handle. With that said, here are 3 tips that every rookie hauler should keep in mind when towing a trailer behind their vehicle for the first time: [Read More]

2 Basic But Important Auto Body Repair Questions Addressed

Being involved in even a minor fender bender can leave your car with substantial body damage. In addition to impacting your car's appearance, this type of damage can also lead to performance reductions. While there are professionals with the experience and tools needed to repair almost any type of damage your car could have sustained, car repairs can be extremely stressful to most people. However, understanding the answers to the following auto body repair questions should help you have a much better understanding of what you can expect from the repair process. [Read More]

2 Common Brake Service Issues You Shouldn't Ignore

You're probably aware that your brake pads and rotors require periodic service, but there are many other components in your braking system that can fail or wear out. Unfortunately, these failures do not always result in symptoms that can be immediately traced back to the brakes or any symptoms at all. The following two problems are easy to overlook or misdiagnose. Low Brake Fluid Level or Bad Fluid You may know to check and replace your engine oil at regular intervals, but how often do you look at your brake fluid? [Read More]