Common Car Paint Problems And How To Repair And Prevent Them

No matter where you drive, nicks and scratches are bound to cause blemishes on your car's paint over the years. Car paint problems are usually caused by normal wear and tear, but sometimes there are distinct reasons why damage occurs. To preserve the quality and gloss of your car, you should repair any glitches in the paint, as they can easily turn into rust. Here is a look at two common car paint problems you could face, their causes and how you can repair them.

Steps To Troubleshoot Your Brake Lights

Your brake lights help keep you safe when you are out on the road. They alert other drivers to when you are slowing down or when the flow of traffic changes dramatically. Having a brake light that is out is not only dangerous; you can even get a ticket if a police officer spots it. There are lots of reasons other than a bad bulb for why your brake light might be out.

Maintenance Tips That Can Save Money At The Pump

If you take the time to regularly do routine maintenance on your vehicle, you may be able to save yourself trips to your mechanic to do repair jobs. Not only will you save money on repair, but you may also save money on gas. Some of the routine checks that are done to vehicles can actually save money at the pump. Here is a list of things that you can routinely check on your vehicle that may save you money on fuel.