Suggestions For A Stalling Freightliner

Have you been unable to work for customers that need your moving services because your freightliner seems as though it is going to stop working? If the truck stalls a lot, there are a few things that could be wrong. You might even end up having to replace a major part like the transmission, which can be an expensive repair to make.

If your truck is experiencing numerous major problems, buying a used one for your business might be the best resolution so you can return to providing moving services to your customers. This article contains information that will give you some guidance on getting through your situation.

Ensure That Your Truck Isn't Having Fuel Issues

A simple issue that can cause a freightliner to constantly stall is a problem with fuel making it to the engine. For instance, it is possible that fuel has been leaking out of a line. Getting the line replaced should be sufficient enough to fix such a problem. It is also possible that the catalytic converter is causing your truck to lose fuel in an untimely manner. A sign that the catalytic converter is the problem is if you see black smoke coming out of the tailpipe.

Get the Transmission Inspected by a Mechanic

If the reason for your truck stalling is due to something serious being wrong, the transmission might be the cause. The transmission is actually the part of your truck that is the most needed, as it keeps the truck moving. Basically, the transmission controls the gears to make sure you are able to drive in more than one direction. A vehicle will usually jerk a lot and begin to stall for brief moments when the transmission is going out. If you end having to replace the transmission and make numerous other repairs to your truck because it is old, replacing it might be something that you should consider.

Start Shopping Around for a Used Freightliner

Shop around for a used freightliner if you have come to the conclusion that your truck isn't worth getting repaired. The great thing about a used truck is that you can possibly find one that is in top shape that is being sold at a good price. You can actually ensure that you are purchasing a good used freightliner by asking the salesperson at the dealership if you can have the vehicle identification number (VIN). The number can then be used for learning about the history of the truck, such as the type of repairs it had in the past, as well as the number of collisions it has been in.

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