Tips For Preventing Your Car's Sunroof From Leaking

One feature that you might love about your car is its sunroof. Not only can the sunroof look great, but it can also provide you with fresh air and sunshine when you want it to. However, one thing that can really put a damper on the experience of having a sunroof is dealing with sunroof leaks, which can cause water to get into your car when it rains and can leave your car wet and musty. Luckily, following these tips can help you prevent your car's sunroof from leaking.

1. Park Your Car Under Shelter

Where you park your car can help prevent sunroof leaks. If you park your car under trees, you have to worry about pine straw, leaves and other debris clogging up the drain line for the sunroof, causing leaks. You also have to worry about the sun beating down on the seals around your sunroof, which can cause the seals to fail over time, making it possible for water to get in around the cracks of the sunroof. Parking your car in a garage, under a carport or otherwise under shelter can help prevent these leaks from happening in the first place. Plus, if a leak does occur, having your car under a shelter will help keep the elements out until you are able to repair the sunroof.

2. Close Your Sunroof Carefully

Make sure that you operate your sunroof carefully when opening and closing it. Press the button firmly but gently, and hold it down until the sunroof has closed completely. Do not attempt to push the sunroof closed with your hands, and do not "play" with the open and close buttons for the sunroof. If you are unsure of how to operate your sunroof properly, consider asking someone at the dealership or at a mechanic's shop to teach you how.

3. Have Problems Addressed ASAP

Over time, the seals for your sunroof can begin to fade, crack and split, leaving the sunroof vulnerable to cracks. This can be a fairly simple fix, and there are other sunroof problems that can be fixed relatively easily. If you do notice that your sunroof is leaking or that some of the components look as if they are wearing out, take your car in to have your sunroof looked at and repaired ASAP. This can help you fix the problem before it starts and before you have to worry about the inside of your car being damaged.

If you are worried about your car's sunroof leaking, follow these tips to help prevent this from happening. For more information, contact companies like TM Custom Auto Trim & Glass Limited - Est. 1958 The Sunroof Specialists.