Tips For Waiting On A Tow Truck In The Snow

If your vehicle has broken down and you need a tow truck in the snow, wait times can vary depending on the current weather conditions and the number of other motorists who might also be stranded. It's very important that you stay as safe and warm as possible while you wait for the tow truck to show up. Here are some helpful tips that will keep you prepared for the winter months on the road.

Stay Clear And Visible

If you notice your vehicle is about to stall, try to get to a shoulder or emergency lane on the road and as far away from the main travel road as possible. This is especially important in snowy conditions since other drivers could potentially skid or slide and accidentally hit your vehicle. Make sure you stay as visible as possible by turning on your hazard lights. If you have flares or cones, place them around the car so people can see you more clearly. While you should stay in your car if it's frigid outside, move to the passenger side just in case someone accidentally hits you. You'll be further away from the point of impact this way.

Don't Leave Your Vehicle Running

You'll definitely want to be able to stay warm while waiting for the tow truck, but keeping your vehicle running can cause you to run out of fuel. Turn the car's heat on full blast until the cabin warms up, and then turn it off. You can repeat this as the temperature dips back down, but try to avoid leaving it running the entire time you're waiting. Pack heavy blankets in your car during the winter so you have a safe and extra layer of warmth. You should also check the tailpipe of your car to make sure it's cleared. A blocked tailpipe can cause your vehicle to fill with carbon monoxide. Since you cannot smell carbon monoxide, you won't be aware that this deadly gas is filling your car. 

Don't Dig Out

If your car ends up in a snow bank, it can be tempting to try and dig it out yourself. Too much exersion in the snow can be dangerous for your health, and you run the risk of frostbite or exhaustion. While you should try to remove as much snow as possible from the windshield of your car, as long as you can make yourself clearly visible using flares or cones and the tow truck driver knows your exact location, there's no need to dig. The keys to a successful tow in the snow is to stay warm, visible, and patient so that you can get your car to a mechanic safely.