Making Sure You Get a Fair Estimate at the Auto Body Shop

Having to take your car in for repairs may cause some anxiety when it comes to the price you'll have to pay. Knowing a few tips and tricks about how to make sure you are getting your money's worth can help you to ensure you are getting the best repair job at a fair price. Before you agree to have repairs performed on your vehicle, consider the following points.

Understand the Estimate

Most auto body repair shops will give you a line-by-line estimate. Some may detail every step in the repair process, while others may provide a few more general steps. Each point on the estimate should come with a price. You can choose to accept the estimate as-is or decide which repairs you aren't willing to pay for. If you are going to decline a repair, it is important that you understand the complete estimate. Look for a repair shop with a mechanic who is willing to walk you through the repair process and explain the importance of each step. If the mechanic isn't willing to spend the time with you to review the estimate, look for another auto body shop.

Ask What Type of Parts Are Being Used

While you might assume that the mechanic is going to use new parts directly from the manufacturer, this isn't always the case. Mechanics may choose to use aftermarket parts or used parts because they are easily accessible, sometimes better quality, and can save you money. Ask for documentation of the parts used in your vehicle so you know what you'll be getting. Remember that if you have an older vehicle, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts may not be available. Your mechanic should let you know this upfront so you can make a decision about part replacement.

Ask about Warranty Coverage

Finding an auto body shop that guarantees its work through a warranty can make you feel more at ease with the cost of your repairs. In the event of a repair that didn't work or a breakdown after your visit to the shop, you may be able to get the mechanic to perform necessary repairs at no additional charge. Make sure you get information about the warranty for the work when you get your estimate so you can make an informed choice about having your car repaired.

Of course, you'll also want to do some online research before you choose a shop. Look for online reviews and read about other customers' experiences to get a feel for what kind of service the shop provides. Look for car repair by Bare's Paint & Bodyworks or another shop in your area to get started. Once you know the plan for repairs and the parts being used, you can get the proper repairs performed on your vehicle at a fair price.