Have A Streaky Windshield When It Rains? Learn How To Replace Your Wipers Quickly And Easily On Your Own

If you notice that your windshield wipers are no longer thoroughly clearing your windshield when it rains, it may be time to replace them. Over time, windshield wipers can become damaged and worn through the wear and tear they are put through when they clean water from the windshield. Replacing them as soon as you start to notice that they are not working as efficiently will ensure you are always able to see the road clearly when you are driving. The following guide walks you through the easy process of replacing your windshield wipers.

Measure Your Wipers

When it is time to replace your wipers, it is important to make sure you know what size wipers you need to purchase. Use a tape measure to measure the wipers from one end of the blade to the other end of the blade. Wipers are measured in inches so make sure you annotate the right measurement. Measure both blades too, as some vehicles have two different sized blades.

Get the Replacement Blades

You can buy wiper blades at just about any automotive supply store or big box store. Wipers are sold individually just in case you need two different blade lengths.

Remove Your Old Blades

Pull the wiper blade that you want to replace away from the glass. Dry the blade off with a dry rag so that you can get a good grip on it. Use a pair of pointed pliers to pinch the small clips found at the end of the wiper that hold it to the wiper arm. Pull the blade free. Repeat the process with the other blade to remove it.

Attach the New Blades

Take the new blades out of their packages and slide the back of the blade into the wiper arm until you see it clip into the clips at the end. Once the wiper is attached, there is often a thin film that covers the portion of the blade that actually touches the glass. Be sure that you take the time to peel the film from the blade before you continue.

Once you have replaced the blades, gently push the blade toward the glass. You do not want to simply let go of the blade as it could slam into the glass and cause damage to your windshield. If you feel that changing your windshield wipers is too tedious of a task for you to do on your own, a mechanic who specializes in car repairs can take care of the job for you quickly and easily.