Safety Tips For Your First Trailer Tow

Learning how to tow a trailer can take some time. You likely already know that you'll need to drive at a slower rate and brake faster in order to have a safe experience when hauling a trailer behind you. There's no shame in hiring a professional towing company if you feel like the haul is more than you can handle.

With that said, here are 3 tips that every rookie hauler should keep in mind when towing a trailer behind their vehicle for the first time:

Check Tire Pressure Before and Throughout the Haul

Dragging a trailer behind your vehicle will put a lot of extra stress on your vehicle's tires. It's important to do a full inspection of your tires before you begin a trailer tow. Make sure the tires are at their maximum recommended pressure. This will help keep the tire's internal temperature lower and save you money on gas as well.

If you will be out on the road for some time, take a tire pressure gauge with you and periodically inspect the tires to ensure the pressure is holding properly.

Use Safety Chains in Case Something Goes Wrong

Stop at your local auto parts store and invest in a solid pair of safety chains for your tow. These chains should be put under the hitch side by side, in an X pattern. What this will do is prevent the hitch from hitting the ground if it gets knocked loose during the tow. The chains will hopefully catch the hitch, which will allow you to safely bring the trailer to a halt without causing any significant damage.

Keep Checking the Tie-downs

If you are towing something in a trailer that needs tied down, you want to make sure the initial tie down is as tight as possible, but you still need to keep an eye on it moving forward. No matter how tight you make the tie-downs at the start of the tow, they will eventually loosen a bit as you move down the road and your suspension system jostles the load. If it's a heavy duty tow, check on the tie downs once an hour if possible.

Your first towing job doesn't have to be a hassle, as long as you put safety first. Make sure your tires are in good working order and at the correct pressure before you start the job, use safety chains under the hitch to help catch it if it falls off, and always keep an eye on anything that is tied down in the trailer throughout the duration of the haul.

To learn more, contact a company like Peninsula Towing with any questions you have.