2 Basic But Important Auto Body Repair Questions Addressed

Being involved in even a minor fender bender can leave your car with substantial body damage. In addition to impacting your car's appearance, this type of damage can also lead to performance reductions.

While there are professionals with the experience and tools needed to repair almost any type of damage your car could have sustained, car repairs can be extremely stressful to most people. However, understanding the answers to the following auto body repair questions should help you have a much better understanding of what you can expect from the repair process. 

Does it Matter that the Insurance's Repair Quote Is Lower than the Auto Body Shop's?

One of the first steps in the repair process is having your vehicle inspected by a representative from your insurance provider. During this inspection, the representative will closely evaluate the vehicle to determine the extent of the damage and what the estimated cost should be to have it repaired. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for your insurance company's estimate to be substantially different from the estimate provided by your repair shop. 

Some individuals may assume that they will have to pay the difference between these two quotes, but this is not true. Your insurance company can not tell you which provider to use, and this means that your insurance will responsible for this higher price.

Are There Concerns if You Opt for Aftermarket Parts?

There are a variety of ways that you can reduce the cost of repairing your car's body, but some people overlook the advantages offered by using aftermarket parts. These are parts that have been recovered from other vehicles, and they undergo an extensive process to restore them to like-new condition. While these parts can dramatically lower the cost of your repair, some people may hesitate about using previously used parts in their car. 

Luckily, this is not an issue that should worry you because if there are problems with the part, your insurance will be responsible for repairing the damage. For those that are having these repairs done without involving the insurance, make sure that you are using a repair provider that offers an extensive warranty if you opt to use aftermarket parts to restore your vehicle. 

When your car suffers body damage, it can quickly become an embarrassing eyesore or make it difficult to drive. However, this is not a problem that you must endure every time you look at your car. Understanding that you are not responsible for differences in quoted repair costs and that using aftermarket parts is not a risky endeavor will make it easier for you to get the most from having your car repaired. For more information or assistance, consult resources such as Colormelt Autobody.