The Pros And Cons Of Used Auto Parts

Auto repairs can be expensive. Between the actual labor and parts, you could easily eat up your repair budget. To save money, some are turning to used or rebuilt parts. Although this can save money in some cases, is it always the best for your car?

Used Car Parts Pros

Obviously, one of the best advantages of using old or rebuilt parts is you can save money. Whether you pick up your parts from a junkyard or rely on your auto repair pro to find them for you, you could easily save on major repairs. 

Before buying used car parts though, it is important to know which parts are okay to buy used. For instance, body panels, bumpers, carburetors, and pulleys are usually fine to get used. Talk to your auto pro about what other parts of your car can be bought used. 

Another advantage to used car parts is there is usually a good selection of parts available. As your car ages, the manufacturer will stop making new parts for it. However, you can still find used auto parts with a little bit of searching. 

Used auto parts are usually available when needed and do not need to be special ordered. 

Used Car Parts Cons

Even though there are plenty of good reasons to buy used parts for your car, there are some reasons not to. One reason is the lack of a long-term warranty. Depending on the source of your auto part, the warranty could be just a few months. If something happens with the part in the future, you will be responsible for paying for its replacement. 

Another disadvantage is that the lifespan of the part is less than a new part. Since the part has already been used, by the time you get it, there is only a certain amount of wear left on it. 

There are also some parts which should never be purchased used. Parts such as fuel lines, bearings, water pumps, and brake components should never be used. Your auto repair pro can also help you determine which parts absolutely have to be purchased new. If you try to use a used part instead, you could possibly be faced with a safety concern.

Auto repairs are usually unexpected and come leave you scrambling to come up with the funds to cover the costs associated with getting your car back in the road. The use of used auto parts is up to you, but it is recommended that you talk to your auto repair pro for guidance.