Maintenance Tips That Can Save Money At The Pump

If you take the time to regularly do routine maintenance on your vehicle, you may be able to save yourself trips to your mechanic to do repair jobs. Not only will you save money on repair, but you may also save money on gas. Some of the routine checks that are done to vehicles can actually save money at the pump. Here is a list of things that you can routinely check on your vehicle that may save you money on fuel.

Tire Pressure

Check your tire pressure every week or two to make sure you have the recommended amount of air in your tires. You can find this information in your vehicle manual. Having under-inflated tires can use more gas as the resistance is increased. This will make your engine work harder, which makes more gas burnup in the process.

Air Filter

The air filter in your vehicle is used to trap dirt and dust particles from getting inside the mechanisms of the engine area. Since this debris can clog the flow of air that passes through your vehicle, it can make your engine work harder, using more gas. Make sure that you regularly change out your air filter to maximize gas mileage in your vehicle. Check your air filter each time you have your oil changed to keep it from becoming too clogged.

Temperature Control

If you keep your vehicle inside your garage, you may be able to save a little extra on your gas. Your vehicle will not need to use gas to heat or air condition the interior of your vehicle when you start to drive it, as it will already be at a nice temperature from being inside. Another way to save is to keep your vehicle in the shade as much as possible. Look for shady areas in parking lots when you are out and about because gas will evaporate when it is in the sun.

Adding Oil

The type of oil that you put inside your vehicle can make a difference in the performance of your vehicle. If you use a synthetic oil, you will grab a few extra miles per tank of gas. Adding a synthetic additive to your oil can help boost gas mileage, as well. Energy-conserving oils are usually labelled as such, and these can end up saving you quite a bit at the gas tank over time. When you use an oil that conserves energy, it will lessen the amount of friction that the engine will exert. This will decrease the amount of gas that your vehicle will need to run.

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